These demountable systems are modular. They comprise of fixed rails, posts and retractable belts in concealed cassettes where desired. The posts and rails are aluminium in construction and can be easily coated to enhance their appeal or to harmonise with the design of the surroundings.

Retractable belts, if incorporated, allow for quick changes in response to changes in queue line configuration and passenger load. Belts are designed with low retraction speeds for the safety of people in and around the queue.

The demountable posts have the smallest foot print possible, providing more usable space which is especially important for safe distancing. The space that is freed up coupled with the use of fixed rails that people can lean on creates a pleasant queuing experience.

A complete queue system can be easily reinstated after removal or dismantling. This permits the change of use of spaces when queuing needs change. Low costs are incurred for removal, dismantling and construction.

There are 2 possible sizes: 65mm diameter posts and rails, and 50mm diameter posts and rails.


GeoLine30 and GeoLine20 are demountable, modular systems with replaceable parts that allow for a quick change in queue layouts.