When a post with a long cord is used, the saving is not only a result of the reduction in the number of posts needed, but also the manpower to handle them. With post of a standard height, GeoCord60 has a cord that is extendable to more than 6m. The cord can be “formed” into a cord frame with an adjacent post to prevent people from ducking below the cord.

These are ideal for sealing off parking lots for an event, dividing a 2-way passenger traffic in mass rapid transit systems, cordoning off an area in showrooms and museums or area under maintenance.

Post height may be varied according to requirements.


GeoCord60 and GeoCord50 can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications to meet clients’ diverse needs.


GeoCord60 and GeoCord50 are queue management systems using slow-retracting cords that can be extended up to 7m in length. Both products enable our clients to benefit from lower costs and higher operational efficiency.