GEOLINE 30 AND GEOLINE 20 These demountable systems are modular. They comprise of fixed rails, posts and retractable belts in concealed cassettes where desired. The posts and rails are aluminium in construction and can be easily coated to enhance their appeal or to harmonise with the design of the surroundings. Retractable belts, if incorporated, allow [...]


GEOPORT When portability is desired, posts with counter weights may be used as stand-alone posts or with fixed rails as in GeoPort series. The posts are made of lightweight aluminium. Hence, light counter weights can be used that are low in height and have low leading edges to enhance accessibility and mobility. PROJECT GALLERY

Posts with cord

GEOCORD SERIES When a post with a long cord is used, the saving is not only a result of the reduction in the number of posts needed, but also the manpower to handle them. With post of a standard height, GeoCord60 has a cord that is extendable to more than 6m. The cord can be [...]

All Belted System

GEOBELT An all-belt system is used when a very wide multitude of services arise at the end of queue counters. The posts may be fixed, demountable and supplemented by portable posts with belts if needed.

Add-on / Options

INFILL BETWEEN POSTS When higher level of security is needed, the posts may be equipped with dry mount removable infill panels fitted between them. SWING ARMS Two designs of manual rigid rail swing arm are available: double post swing arm with articulated joint and single post below-rail design. TELESCOPIC SIGN HOLDER A signage in A3 [...]